Commercial Loan Solutions, Austin Texas

Attention Lenders

What if any issues you might have with closing a loan were addressed and resolved prior to you laying a hand on it, would that make your life easier?

Building relationships with Lenders is high priority for us. That is why we have begun sharing our leads. If you are a Lender, then we invite you to get our bi-monthly Lenders Pipeline Report.

Our Resources and Products

Type of Lenders We Work With

  • Conventional Bank Loans - National and Community Banks 

  • Credit Unions - Local Lenders

  • Private Lenders - Hard Money
  • Institutional - Non-Recourse & Partial Recourse

 Types of Loans Available

  • Real Estate Loans - Texas Only 

  • Raw Land Loans - 50% LTV or less

  • Commercial Real Estate Loans - 80% LTV or less

  • Investment Property Loans -Apartments, Rent Houses, Office Buildings, Retail, 
  • Storage Units, etc

  • Non-Profit Real Estate Loans - Schools, Churches, Clinics, and others

  • "Cash Out” Loans - Raw Land and Investment Properties

  • SBA Loans - 7a & 504
  • Fannie Mae - Apartment & Student Housing Loans

 Typical Loan Terms:

  • Typically 20%-25% down on Conventional Loans

  • 10%-15% on SBA Loans (Qualification Required)

  • Fixed Rate Loans - interest rate fixed for 5, 10 or 20 years; As low as 4.75%; 
  • Long Term Fixed rates available 

  • Adjustable Rate Loans - interest rates adjust monthly, quarterly, and annually

  • Short Terms Loans - 6 to 36 months

  • Amortizations of 20, 25 and 30 Years
  • Loans from $250,000 to $50,000,000

Our Services

Commercial Loan Brokering 

We present your loan to the banks and negotiate the best terms & conditions for your situation.

  • Time Frame - 2-3 weeks
  • Fees â€“ Small deposit once we have a lender with acceptable terms, deposit counts towards total fee, total fees of 1.0%-1.50% with remaining balance due at closing 

Commercial Loan Packaging

We create a loan package that can be presented to banks offering them a clear view of the risk and financing needs. CLS provides the most likely scenario, which allows you to know what to expect, and avoid surprises.  

  •  Time Frame â€“ 1 week
  •  Fees â€“ Small upfront fee and then hourly; flat rates available

The loan package includes:

  • Executive Summary - Concise Detail of Loan Request and Borrower Information
  • Narrative - Explains project, owners/management, and financials
  • Complete Personal Financial Audit - Tax Returns, Credit Report, Personal Financial Statements, and Cash Flow
  • Complete Business Financial Audit - Company Financials, Tax Returns, and Debt Schedules
  • Conclusion - Mitigates lender concerns and justifies why the Lender should say "YES"

 Full service options

Include both the Commercial Loan Packaging service with our Brokering service.