"We recently refinanced a commercial loan through Commercial Loans Solutions owner, Andrew Miller. It couldn't have been a better decision! Andrew was highly recommended to us by our longtime trusted residential loan broker, so we already knew we were in honest & competent hands. We found him to be knowledgeable, efficient & a true advocate for us in trying to negotiate the best possible interest rate. Andrew is well known by local bankers. He knows the banks & their different lending structures, and they know that he does his homework & makes their job easier in assessing loan risk - in our case he really went to bat for us, almost creating a 'bidding war' between banks for our loan! We ended up with an almost unheard of low commercial interest rate that was .55% lower than anything we had been offered when we tried to pursue loan offers on our own. Even adding in his fee, we are ending up with less money spent over the life of the loan. We would highly recommend Andrew. There were simply no 'cons' to our experience with him!" 

Bill & Linda Campbell – owner of Parmer Lane Pet Hospital

"The process of working with CLS was awesome. I started with my local bank and they took forever just to organize the paperwork and we weren’t able to get anything in front of underwriting in a timely manner.  So I spoke with another brokerage firm in town that kicked it around for a few weeks but didn't really get the deal in front of anyone; they just kind of asked around to see if there was any interest and we were told that it would be tough to go the SBA route due to the property, and that it would be challenging for a traditional lender as well.  So when it wasn’t an easy deal they just punted and we ended up with CLS and everything changed…. Carmen and Andrew were great to work with, totally on top of everything from the get go.   We had a unique purchase option that required their expertise to find the right lender, and they were able to cut through the clutter and get the deal done quickly, even though they started off behind schedule due to  delays experienced with other companies.  The reminders and checklist updates that CLS provided were key so that things moved quickly and nothing was missed.  We were able to secure funding and close on time per contract due to their hustle and tenacity.  We wouldn’t have been able  to make it happen without them!  I would definitely recommend CLS and utilize their services again."

Zachary Springborn, SoCo Window & Door

"Andrew is fantastic!  I have been through many real estate transactions - both personally and professionally.  This was by far the easiest and most comprehensive process that I have been through.  All of my questions were answered and done so in a timely manner.  Andrew was always talking me through the process, understanding the formal offer and looking at my entire portfolio by seeing the entire picture.  He not only saved me a tremendous amount of interest to be paid, but he helped me improve my credit score!  He also thought of and suggested ideas I hadn't even thought of.  Their method and process for putting together the package deal shows that he is truly working on behalf of the client.  It was a breeze and awesome to work with CLS.  I am already referring Andrew and his team out to my friends and my clients."

Jenny Harrison - Farmers Insurance Agency​​

"As the owner of Austin Civil Engineering, I have worked with Andrew Miller on several projects over the past 10 years. Just last year during one of the most difficult periods in banking history Andrew Miller and Commercial Loan Solutions assisted me in refinancing two buildings as well as a partner buyout, which resulted in significant savings.  Andrew used his banking and financing knowledge and expertise, as well as his contacts to make sure I had the best banking relationship in place.  Andrew has always been a pleasure to work with, has excellent customer service, and follow through. On all the projects I have worked with Andrew on, I always felt he had my best interests in mind.  I will continue to work with Andrew Miller and Commercial Loan Solutions and would recommend him to other." 

Hunter Shadburne, P.E. – owner of Austin Civil Engineering


"The entire process of working with Commercial Loan Solutions was very good and extremely fast.  Andrew is always responsible and fast to interact with you.  He makes you fee like he is always available.  We are confident that once we send over requested documents that Andrew has everything he has to present the entire picture to lenders.  This is the second time we have worked with Commercial Loan Solutions and would absolutely recommend their services."

Mija Shin Barry – Austin Korean First Presbyterian Church

"Working with CLS kept me in the game so to speak.  If Andrew and Co. would not have encouraged me to continue looking for a financier, I would have given up and sold the project. I would definitely use CLS in the future and I would also recommend you to other people that are in a similar situation as myself. Thanks y'all for the gift basket of treats!"

~Henry Ross, RGB Enterprises, LLC

"Working with CLS was very easy! They are very organized and kept the loan process moving, which was critical in light of my need to close on the loan pretty fast. Carmen was incredibly responsive and timely. She kept her cool at all times even when the outcome appeared questionable. She was always confident and her prediction to “not worry” came true.  I would definitely use their services again and have already referred several of my colleagues, family, and friends to do business with CLS."

Justin Jackson, Jackson Law Firm

"I have worked with Andrew Miller for refinancing my business loan recently.  He was very knowledgeable and helpful during the process from the beginning to the end.  I feel many business owners are not in a simple and traditional financial situation as many traditional lenders/banks would consider for new loans.  As a result, business loans are difficult and time consuming to get placed.  I found Andrew to be very helpful to work through my specific circumstances to work with lenders to get a deeper understanding of my needs and get my loan in place.  It would not have happened without his assistance due to my lack of time and knowledge about the process.  I would recommend Andrew Miller to any business owner/investor/developer needing assistance for their business lending needs." 

Rick Villarreal – President of Rick Villarreal Insurance Agency Inc.

"Andrew probably saved my business. I acquired a small business in 2009, which was largely seller financed with a belief that 3 years later the banking  system would have corrected itself and refinancing the loan would not be difficult. This was not the case. Over the course of a year, I provided a well-documented package to over 20 financial institutions and dozens of on-line institutions. While everyone wanted to do it - none came through. At the last possible moment I was given Andrew’s name, contacted him and in 48 hours I had a deal on the table that closed 6 weeks later. This simply would not have happened without Andrew’s participation and quick actions. The downside risk of not completing this would have been a life changing event and I appreciate Andrew’s help immensely." 

Jim Odom – owner of Archadeck

"CLS was very organized and transparent about what they needed from me to move forward in the process and worked very diligently to make sure we were all prepared before we went to market for lenders. Everything ran smoothly and I am pleased with the outcome. I have already recommended CLS and plan to continue to do so in the future."

Bruce Raney, President, Ichor Construction

Home Elevator of Texas

"Working with Commercial Loan Solutions was a very comforting and extremely supporting experience”. (I removed the 2nd sentence & added to the 3rd).CLS was the first company, in several attempts, with the ability to find the specialized kind of loan that I needed. CLS responded, throughout the process, faster than any I’ve worked with.  Andrew has the special talent to think outside of the box and Carmen was 'dynamite’ with her immediate responses & pleasant style. The support that we got on the paperwork process was key in expediting the process. There was some repeated paperwork that was frustrating, but entirely necessary to get the custom financing that I needed.  It took me a while to find you, but when I did, I knew I had found the right company to assist with my commercial loan. I would most definitely use CLS's services in the future and I’d recommend them to anybody who is searching for a commercial loan solution."

Don Zimmerman, Home Elevator of Texas

Home Elevator of Texas

"First, I cannot put the magnitude of this deal in perspective without sharing too much personal information.  However, I will say that it was fairly immeasurable to my financial profile.  Also, the potential of this particular deal is difficult to measure but has been successful since day one of closing.  So, those are two fairly significant factors.  In short, I am happy to admit, I virtually had either zero chance of getting this done without CLS or, surrendered significant equity to find someone to help me.  The end result, I have 100% of the deal.  There really isn’t a way to put into words how important CLS’ role in this deal was.  All I can really say, is “Thank you.” "

Andrew Perkel, Retail Solutions

"I had a very good experience working with Andrew at Commercial Loan Solutions in obtaining a commercial loan.  Andrew's expertise in reviewing essential documents and ability to look at my entire credit profile with a detailed eye quickly lead to a positive result.  His understanding that tax return information can be 12-18 months old and willingness to look at financial data both current and moving forward was a breath of fresh air compared to experiences I have had with other bankers and loan brokers.  I am very appreciative of his time and dedication in helping me get the financing I needed.  I would absolutely use the services of Commercial Loan Solutions in the future and recommend Andrew to anyone looking for a commercial loan."

David M. Shames, MD - Real Estate Investor

"Working with CLS is awesome!  I am very, very happy that everything got done on time. CLS answered all questions in a timely manner and was very professional.  I would work with CLS in a heartbeat again.  Everything promised by CLS was delivered.  CLS didn't disappoint, all information requested done in a timely manner. I haven't seen anything more perfect than the way CLS handled my loan.  Never seen or experienced this in my life. CLS is the FIRST place I will go and will recommend to anyone else looking for a loan - friends and family."

~Darshna Bhakta, Regency Inn Houston

"Working with Commercial Loan Solutions was a pleasure; they offer professional, communicative, and informative service. The staff bent over backward to get my deal completed as promptly as possible. I will be recommending CLS to colleagues and friends as the opportunity arises."

Justin Jackson, Jackson Law Firm

"The team at CLS was amazing to work with. Not only did they get me a great rate, they assisted me in walking me through the process as a first-time buyer. I would absolutely recommend CLS to a friend, family member or colleague." 

Josh Murray, Hydra Holdings, LLC

Home Elevator of Texas

"Andrew Miller is the best Loan Broker, Originator, Underwriter and Packager that I know. His intellectual analysis and organizational skills are exemplary.  He organizes and constructs world class loan packages that are an underwriters dream.  I find him to have the highest standards in integrity and business acumen.  I’d recommend Andrew to work with or have him work for you.  He is by far the leader in his knowledge of loan products, packaging, analysis and underwriting.  He also has great follow up and customer service is paramount when he deals with customers." 

Artie Berne – Owner of ArTex Funding

Commercial Loan Solutions, Austin Texas